247PPH Review

247pph247PPH is operated by RDG Corp and is a one-stop pay-per-head service that offers online and phone wagering. If you have a mix of clients with some wanting online features and other wanting to call in wagers then 247PPH is an ideal service to use.

Trying to set-up shop online without the necessary software, hardware and technology is extremely difficult. 247PPH allows you to focus on growing your business while they provide your clients with a complete betting platform that includes a casino.

247PPH Price Per Head

  • Price Starts at $10-$15/Head

The price per head is $10/head if you only need online wagering for your clients. If some of your clients need phone wagering it costs $15/head for online and phone wagering. You only pay the extra $5 on accounts that need telephone betting.

Once your business grows or if you already have a big active player base then 247PPH will work with you on the price. They also offer a complete 2-week trial, so you can move a few bettors over to the service to test it before committing to a plan.

247PPH Software Review

247PPH is managed and operated by a team of bookmaking veterans that have lots of experience. The line managers will ensure that you have the edge you need to beat your clients. You can change limits and betting profiles for each of your players.

Your clients will love the software suite that you can provide them. Not only can your clients bet on 1oo+ betting options in the online sportsbook, but they’ll be able to bet on North American horse races in the racebook and gamble in the online casino.

Some agents choose to disable the casino to ensure that their clients can’t run up their bankrolls. The racebook is ideal to keep open in most cases. If you have a few sharp horse racing handicappers you can always limit their account in the racebook.

There are over 100+ horse tracks in North America to wager on in the racebook. With a sportsbook, racebook and casino you’ll never have to worry about your clients moving elsewhere for action because you can provide them with everything they need.

The accounting is handled by 247PPH as well for you. At anytime you can call up real-time reports on your clients to see exactly how much you’re up/down currently. The only thing you need to handle is the payment processing for your players.

Head over to 247PPH right now and fill in the quick registration form and a rep will contact you back within 24 hours. All of the reps at 247PPH speak English, which you know is an added benefit if you’ve worked with some of the other PPH services.

  • 247PPH Rating – A-

In order to run a reliable and profitable bookmaking business you need to have software that works. 247PPH uses the software that many other big bookmakers use. At just $10/head per active bettor you can have a complete online gambling portal.