The Site That Will Boost Your Bookmaking Operation

You can ask a bookie what’s the biggest decision they made when launching their business and many of them will tell you that it was choosing which pay-per-head (PPH) service to join. Joining the wrong PPH shop will have a negative effect on your business. Plus, when you decide to finally leave and join another

Be the Bookie with the help of a PPH Service

The bookies life can be exhilarating, fun, exciting, and wealth increasing if operated correctly. The beauty of being a bookie is there is no man to answer to, however, there are many men! Your boss is the client and they expect a lot of things from you. Your job may be fun, but it’s also

Ranking Your Players with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

One of the best things about running and managing your own independent sportsbook as a private bookie is the ability to pick and choose which customers you take action from. Whether you are running a large operation with possible sub-agents involved or managing a smaller customer base of sports bettors, you should always take the

Smart Bookies Use Two or Three Providers

The sports betting industry is a crowded, cutthroat world where bookies are looking for action wherever they can get it. Since talk of betting on sports has become mainstream throughout all media outlets, especially after New Jersey’s Supreme Court win, even more people are wagering on sports. With this increase in traffic, unless online sportsbook

Bookie Talk – Get in the Game With a PPH Service

Making money from sports is a dream of most. We all dreamed as kids about stepping into the batters box facing a major league pitcher, or catching the game-winning touchdown in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. But for most, they are just that, dreams. Making money as a bookie really isn’t that much

Take Advantage of Special Offers and Plan Upgrades with Pay Per Head

The tremendous growth of the Internet sports betting industry over the past few years has given rise to a large number of Pay Per Head sites offering online sportsbook management solutions for independent bookmakers. What this means for you as a private bookie is a myriad of choices when it comes to finding the best

Becoming a bookie is easy, maintaining a book is the hard work

Let’s face it, the gambling business draws a lot of different people some good and some not good. As a bookie it is your job to understand the nature of the business, understand people and understand your clients. Knowing your clients gambling habits is a must, knowing how they play, what they prefer to play

Becoming a Bookie has never Been Easier

As a bookie you may be going crazy right now trying to keep track of outstanding bets and having your ear to a cell phone all day long placing bets for clients. The NBA is right in the thick of the conference finals as well as the NHL and the MLB season brings a full

Where Are the Profits-for the Gambler or the Bookie?

Let’s face the facts; winning at sports gambling has never been easy and getting rich is next to impossible. Of course we all hear about that one lucky guy who parlayed Brooklyn-Long Island with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers for $5000 and won huge because they found a BLI number at +1400. There are bookies that

Pay Per Head Racebook Software Solutions for Triple Crown Profits

The month of May signals the start of the Triple Crown horse racing season with the running of the Kentucky Derby at fabled Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of the month. Two weeks later at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore is the Preakness Stakes as the second leg of this series followed by the