Be the Bookie with the help of a PPH Service

The bookies life can be exhilarating, fun, exciting, and wealth increasing if operated correctly. The beauty of being a bookie is there is no man to answer to, however, there are many men! Your boss is the client and they expect a lot of things from you. Your job may be fun, but it’s also very demanding, the clients are demanding and relentless. They will give you very little rest and they will call you at all-hours of the day and night. They want in for that game that’s going off in 2 minutes and you had better be available to answer the call. Now, you can be the bookie for every client you have. The PPH world has opened up another chapter for your business and you can be all things to all people, all the time. Find a great PPH service, one that meets your needs and the needs of your client and be the bookie.

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*How to be a Better Bookie—

► Ditch the old way of thinking, get out of the old and into the new. We realize this is easier said than done from a human standpoint. We are all creatures of habit and we like what we know. Change can be difficult, however, sometimes change is an absolute must if you want to be successful. In order to be successful as a bookie you must be willing to embrace new ideas that can help prosper and grow your business.

**What kills a Bookie?

Lack of action/cross-action. You must have plenty of action and plenty of cross-action or you are simply going to wither on the vine. If you are a local bookie then you know how very difficult it is to make any real income relying on Vinny and Frank from down the block! You must have Vinny and Franks friends, and their friends, and their friends betting with you or you are doomed to fail. Lack of action kills a bookie. Lack of cross-action kills them even further.

► Find help: This is a process and one that many simply do not like to do. How many men do these words fall on the ears of? We realize that our audience is primarily men, we welcome women to hear us and to be inspired by what we say here, but we realize a vast portion of the audience is men. (BTW, women make great bookies, they are patient and they are willing to stop and ask for directions!) We men on the other hand, we will get lost as a goose before asking for directions. We throw out the directions and tear into a project and hope it all comes out in the wash.

We must start asking for directions and get the help we need to make our business a smashing success. *** Ask yourself this question… “Why am I in business as a bookie”? Now be honest with yourself—You’re in business as a bookie because you have hopes and dreams, you want to make great money, and you have seen other do so. Why are they making money, but you are not? Maybe you are unlucky, but we think that’s a load of hogwash. You are not unlucky, you are not applying the correct business model to your business plan.

► Put together a business plan. Yes, really. Do not go into the bookie business without a plan. This business is just as any other business should be thought of; one that needs careful planning through great insight from professionals that have been there before you and have done this a time or two.


***Find a way to make Your Business Prosper—

If you want to be successful in the bookie business, then there is one way to accomplish what the “big boys” of the industry have accomplished. We are not promising wealth, we are not promising Ferrari’s and mansions, what we are promising is that with some hard work and the willingness to step out of the box, you too can have the success that you see so many bookies have.

► The pay per head industry has come along at the right moment in time and now you can experience financial freedom as a bookie. Now you can experience peace! As we said above, a bookies life is not always easy and what you do you must do in the smartest, most efficient way possible. Now is the time to act by choosing a fantastic pay per head service and change your life, change your finances, start earning what you deserve. A great PPH can help you accomplish all of this.

Find that great PPH and give them a try. The best PPH services in the industry start at around $10 per head and there is absolutely no up-front cost to get started. You can sign up today and have your players playing today. It’s a simple and easy process and one that will have your clients excited. They will see the change and will want to bet with you now, more than ever before. You can be the bookie that you always wanted to be.


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