Becoming a Bookie has never Been Easier

As a bookie you may be going crazy right now trying to keep track of outstanding bets and having your ear to a cell phone all day long placing bets for clients. The NBA is right in the thick of the conference finals as well as the NHL and the MLB season brings a full schedule nearly every day. On top of that, there is golf, NASCAR, horseracing, Indy racing, soccer and much more. The World Cup is right around the corner and the demand for your time is relentless. It never gets easier whether you have a couple of players or a couple of hundred players.

Where Are the Profits-for the Gambler or the Bookie?

The duties and demands on a bookie constitute a full time job but you probably have a full time job and you simply can’t be there for your clients like you should be. How do you like hand grading tickets on a nightly basis, what about keeping up with the daily lines and odds? The madness never stops and you never get a break.

Gamblers are impulse buyers, they like to buy at the last minute and they will wait for the best deal. That’s when they call you and they expect you to answer at all times. A bookies lifestyle can be madness but the good news; there is a way out!

Pay Per Heads (PPH)

The pay per head industry has grown enormously over the past several years and bookies love the service. There is simply no other way to function as a bookmaker. If you value your clients and want them to be faithful, then you should absolutely consider a PPH service.

What Happens to Pay Per Heads Now that Sports Gambling is Legal in the US?

A PPH is easy to start up, you have to do nothing. All you do is sign up on line and bam, you have an online sportsbook, a racebook and a casino all in one. The process is quick and easy and cost effective. Great pay per heads are around $10 per head per week and there is no upfront cost to you, the bookie.

If you care about ease of use, you will love having a PPH in your back pocket. They do everything for you, they have the readymade, state of the art bookie software with a top notch wagering platform. A PPH offers your clients a 24 hour customer service hotline and best of all; a PPH offers all of the sports that your clients like to bet on. The lines and odds are set for you, you touch nothing, you do not have to be a computer wizard or even know that much about gambling, everything is taken care of by the PPH provider.

The better and more reputable PPH providers offer a 4 week trial period. If you don’t like the service, you don’t have to keep it and there is no obligation. Why not have a turnkey betting operation in as little as a day. Forget about those late night calls from a client and those long nights of grading tickets and at the end of the day having no idea where you are with money, pending wagers or unpaid wagers.

If you love being a bookie and love the profits but hate all of the hassle, then you must consider a great PPH service. There is not a better way to operate and the good news, you don’t need an office. You can do all of this from the privacy of your home. Find a great pay per head review site and do your own research on who is a better option.