Benefits of Using Real Bookies

Want to take your bookie business to the next level? Real Bookies can help.

With over 20 years in the pay per head sports betting industry, they offer you a complete solution to help you maximize profits and build your business.

Real Bookies’ pay per head model is the perfect answer for most bookies in the business. It is designed to ease a bookie’s daily workload and allow the flexibility to operate how you want. Most importantly, bookies can focus on growing their player sheet instead of dealing with the mundane tasks associated with the business.

Working with Real Bookies offers the average bookmaker a number of benefits. 

Hit the Easy Button

Real Bookies can have your entire operation up and running instantly. You sign up and you have an instant online sportsbook that your players will find easy to use.

You get the added benefit of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service. No longer do you have to answer the phone to take care of a player’s issues. A fully trained staff of experienced agents is at your disposal to take care of your player sheet any time there is a problem. 

Let your PPH service take care of all the dirty work. They’ll do your financing, line movements, reporting and much more.

Many of the day-to-day tasks of running a sportsbook are now in the hands of your PPH service. And, you only pay for your active players. Real Bookies has plans as low as $7 per head.



Maximize Bookie Profits

In Real Bookies, you get an innovative company that is on the cutting edge of the PPH industry. The company is constantly searching for tools to minimize mistakes, find the sharp players, and develop new products to help their bookies.

Real Bookies maximizes your hold percentage in every sport. Higher hold percentages makes for greater profits for the individual bookie.

With a constant flow of information – leagues behaviors, players behaviors, line behaviors, this top service provides you with the information you need to make more money.

Payment Methods

There are four major payment methods used in the sports betting industry: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Moneygram, RIA money transfer. Real Bookies accepts them all.

The company will also extend even more payment methods to those customers with which they have developed a long relationship. It’s nice to have the various options available for payments.

Live Betting

One of the hot trends in the sports betting industry is live betting. In-game betting is now available for all NFL, MLB, and NHL games. More sports are being added as Real Bookies in-house live betting continues to grow.

Free Stuff at Real Bookies

Just like you get to test drive a new car, you can take Real Bookies PPH service for a free trial. Right now, you can receive a 4-week free trial. No deposit is required and you have complete access to the best pay per head service in the industry.

Another nice freebie for existing customers comes once each year. One time per year, all agents are rewarded with a free week. It’s a nice added bonus for loyal customers. 

There are no fees involved in switching from your current PPH platform to Real Bookies. That alone is enough to convince any bookie that it’s time to switch to the best pay per head service in the industry.