Pay Per Head Solutions Review

PPH Solutions launched in 2008 and have been helping agents grow their bookmaking business since. They have a great set-up in Costa Rica where they have a data center to host the software and websites plus a team of professionals on staff. They have designers on staff to create custom websites for agents. Distinguishing yourself

ABC Per Head Review

ABC Per Head is one of the most active PPH companies in the industry. They have nearly 20 years of combined experience in the industry as a bookmaker and a pay-per-head provider. They’ll be able to ensure your business is set-up to grow. You have to build up your betting sheet, but ABC Per Head

Book em Direct Review

BookemDirect is one of the big PPH operations in San Jose, Costa Rica and they have many agents already. They have some of the best technology available and as a bookie you know the most important thing to your business is guaranteed uptime. You can’t take bets when your hosting is down or there is

Discount Price Per Head Review

DiscountPricePerHead is relatively new in the industry, but the team behind the company is experienced and they’ve run online bookmakers in the past. It’s always great as a new agent to have experienced people to talk to when growing your business. There are no shortcuts when running a sportsbook, but your job can be a

Bookie Price Per Head Review

BookiePricePerHead has one of the nicest looking websites for agents. When you join this PPH shop they’ll set-up a sub-domain with your brand on their website for you to operate on. You’ll still control your betting sheet and all of the funds. There is no processing handled by BookiePricePerHead, but they do nearly everything else

Host PPH Review

HostPPH has a large team of experienced professionals that will assist you in growing your bookmaker. There are hundreds of local sportsbooks that have signed up to HostPPH to use their expertise, experience and software platform. You have every option available to you at HostPPH including the ability to set-up your own custom website, profiles

Dollar Per Head Review

DollarPerHead is one of the most inexpensive pay-per-head companies to get started with. Agents that are interested in a cheap alternative should consider DollarPerHead, but keep in mind that you’ll only be able to offer your clients a sportsbook. Nowadays most of the PPH shops offer an online casino and in some cases a poker

24-7 Bookie Review

24-7Bookie is one of the newer pay-per-head companies in the industry and they have a modern website to showcase what they can do to help your sportsbook grow. Whether you’re a local bookie or already online 24-7Bookie can increase your ROI. The software at 24-7Bookie (DGS) is powerful and there are over 80+ sports that

Bookie Soft Review

BookieSoft is one of the biggest pay-per-head websites that’s using the DGS sportsbook software. They attract big bookmakers because they have an all-in-one price rather than a per head price, which is great once your sheet is over 10-20+ active players. The betting lines are updated 24/7 at BookieSoft and that’ll save you hours of

Bettors Net Reviews

BettorsNet is one of the industry veterans that has seen the industry grow over the past decade. BettorsNet is a complete PPH provider that allows agents to run a full fledged online gambling portal with a sportsbook, racebook and online casino. The company is based out of San Jose, Costa Rica and they use the