Bookie Tips for a Big Season in College Basketball

Independent sports bookmakers already have a huge edge over the big faceless offshore sportsbooks operating online when it comes to the high level of customer service you can provide to your individual sports bettor’s accounts. Today sophisticated sports bettors are looking for that added attention to detail that the big books simply cannot provide.

With the start of another season of college basketball right around the corner, now is the best time of the year to take full advantage of this edge to grow your overall customer base while building some additional profit into your bottom line. Too many private bookies make the mistake of waiting until football season is over before focusing some of their marketing efforts on college hoops.

While you may be content with the amount of weekly football action coming in right now, you need to always keep the big picture in mind if you are serious about building your bookmaking business into a long-term profitable venture on a year round basis. There are a ton of betting action junkies out there that are always looking to supplement their football wagers with whatever else might be on the board on a nightly basis. College basketball offers a tremendous money-making opportunity to tap into that need for added action over a relatively compact period of time. Starting in early November and running right through the madness of March, one of the best things about this sport is that it gives you a very high concentration of betting opportunities on a consistent basis.

By taking the time to properly market your bookmaking services for college basketball at the beginning of the season, you will have taken the necessary steps toward creating a steady stream of revenue for the next five months. Another reason you need to build out your college basketball betting board from Day 1 is to avoid the risk of having one of your steady betting customers looking elsewhere  to place their bets.

Taking things one step further, you should always try and level the playing field with even the biggest online sportsbooks when it comes to matching every betting opportunity they may have for college hoops. This means offering futures, props, live in-game betting opportunities and anything else that might be available at any other online sports betting outlet. You always need to think of yourself as a full-service sports bookmaker and once you start marketing your business in that fashion you will be amazed just how fast it will grow.

One of the biggest reasons to go all out when it comes to building additional business for college basketball from the start of the season is the sheer amount of betting volume this sport can provide. Even if you have just a few steady customers betting college hoops, the numbers will start to quickly add up give the high number of betting opportunities this sport can provide. Keep in mind that there are 350 Division I teams playing a 30-plus game regular season schedule followed by their conference tournaments as well as the annual NCAA Tournament and the NIT. It does not take a math wizard to figure out how much potential this sport offers when it comes to building bottom-line profit.

Instead of just offering college basketball betting lines, you should try and position your bookmaking business as a ‘subject matter expert’ when it comes to betting on college hoops. You want to establish yourself as the ‘go-to source’ for college basketball in all of your marketing efforts both through your online website as well as any other means of social media you may employ. The extra time spent up front will work to pay some very handsome dividends down the road.