Comparing Parlays and Teasers in Football Wagering

Profit in a different form is available when one explores the variety of bets present in college and pro football. Normally people that wade into the waters of wagering go with what is termed as straight bets. A single wager based on spreads, totals, or moneylines. As you gains experience and passion for handicapping, the

Building MLB Second Half Profits with Pay Per Head

The annual MLB All-Star Game signifies the halfway point of the regular season. It also signifies a great opportunity to cash in on the second half of the season as an independent sports bookmaker with the right Pay Per Head service in place. You cannot go it alone as a private bookie without a quality

Ease of Voiding Wagers Such As UFC 182 Jones Cormier

A blizzard of paper slips and headaches await the bookie when controversy follows highly wagered events.  Whether it was Green Bay or Seattle or the recent Jon Jones – Daniel Cormier main event,  the decision on what to do lies in your corner.  Loyal customers are crying foul over the UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission’s

Free Your College Time and Still Book Bets

Go where the money is has been a tried and true adage for centuries. People would have to relocate sometimes at great distances to make their livings and expand their financial horizons. With the Internet shrinking the world to manageable means, the business person can essentially hold court in their own home or wherever else

Stale Should Not Be for Your Pastry Nor the Lines You Offer Your Bettors

Few things take away from your enjoyment that something that is stale. Good cups of coffee have had premature deaths because their patrons bit into a scone past its due date. Staleness is also present in the sports where bookies make their most profit. There is a segment of your client base that will unmercifully pound

Late Night Mumbles and Fumbles Are No More with

Advances in technology are supposed to make lives easier not harder. Remember when are there was were betting slips and direct land line phone calls. The footwork was brutal and if you were not there to pick up the phone, often you would be out of luck and miss your favorite client. Now with instant

Bookie Software – Setting Wager Limits

Overview Since sports have existed, people have enjoyed betting on them. This was originally done with a local bookmaker who you would have to physically go to in order to place your bets. Times have changed, however and now the online sports betting industry has largely moved online. This means that bettors from all over

Modernize Your Operation with RDG Corp and Price Per Head

You may be one of those people who is in the sports betting business and has some customers, if you know what we mean. And maybe you are doing business in the old school way, in which you are communicating by phone by way of your clerks in an office, as they are reading off

How to set up player accounts, using a per head service

Overview Online sports betting has grown immensely over the past ten years and its popularity has resulted in many bookies moving online. It is now possible to operate as a bookie online and to offer your customers a full online betting service. In order to be successful as an online bookmaker, there are a number

Grow your Business with a Pay Per Head Service

Benefits of Using Price per Head Service There are many benefits to you, as the bookie, of using price per head service. There are also many benefits to your customers if you use price per head service. This results in a win-win situation – your customers are happy which results in your business growing and