Is Your Bookie Business Ready for Another Season of Baseball?

The calendar is getting ready to turn the page to the month of March and most independent sports bookmakers are gearing up for the next five or six weeks of college basketball. March Madness is one of the biggest sports betting events of the year, but as quickly as this month comes in like a lion; it is bound to go out like a lamb once the NCAA Tournament draws to a close.

That is why it is extremely important for every full-service sports bookie to start formulating their plans for a new season of MLB betting. Spring training is in full gear in both Arizona and Florida as hope springs eternal for all 30 teams looking to make a World Series run all the way from opening day in early April to this season’s Fall Classic in mid-fall. Baseball may not be your biggest betting sport as compared to the amount of action that football and basketball bring in, but it can still be a very important stream of revenue for any private bookie business, especially when the dog days of summer roll around.

A great starting point for your MLB betting plan is to come up with a general assessment of the past action you did take in for baseball last season. If you had a thriving MLB betting season in 2016, then now is the time to let all of those customers know that you will be back in an even bigger way this season with a full complement of MLB betting opportunities. The more action on your board, the better chance you give yourself to really make MLB a profitable venture.

Along with all the moneylines, total lines and runlines for each game, you should have a mobile betting platform in place to handle live in-game wagers for every single MLB game, every day of the week. You should also build out your board with daily player and team props for every game. Add in some futures odds as well as season long team and player props to the mix and the end result should be a MLB betting board that would rival what even the biggest offshore sportsbooks are offering for this sport.

Along with properly marketing your MLB betting services to an existing group of customers, your MLB betting plan should include a few solid strategies for reaching a whole new audience of potential MLB bettors. Whether it is through your company’s online presence in a website or some other specific social media platform, or it is through some added internal efforts such as a MLB betting referral incentive, bringing a few more bettors into the fold should be one of your top priorities. Not only will these new MLB bettors provide some additional cash flow and company profits when the overall sports calendar does slow down later in the summer, they are more than likely to stick with your bookmaking services when football and basketball return to action in the early fall.

Establishing MLB betting as a viable and profitable revenue stream for your private bookie business is going to take some extra effort on your part, but once you develop a plan and then put it into play, the actual return on investment will prove this endeavor to be worthwhile. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you do not do everything in your power to bring a full complement of MLB betting opportunities to your sports betting cliental, you are bound to lose some of those players to another online betting outlet. No matter how big your bookie business may be, you are probably not in position to turn profitable action away.