Keep Your Betting Board Diversified During Football Season

September marks the time of the year when most recreational sports bettors shift their entire focus toward the sports of football when it comes to wagering on the games. College football betting is huge and it still pales in comparison to the amount of weekly action the NFL games bring in. When you combine both of these betting options together, you can see why betting on football alone is multi-billion dollar proposition in the Internet sports betting industry.

As a private bookie, you are free to set up your betting board anyway you see fit. While you always want to make sure that you are meeting all of your individual sports bettor’s needs, you also have every right to protect your own business interests with a high element of control over all the daily betting action coming in. Walking that fine line between an expanded offering of betting options for a wide array of sports against a much more focused approach that relies heavily on football action is always a tricky proposition, but if you are serious about building a private bookie business that can generate year-round profits for years and years to come, keeping your overall betting board as diversified as possible this time of year is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

Whether you are just starting out as a private bookie or running a well-established independent sportsbook, you should already be well aware of the fact that your main point of difference with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can offer and the big faceless books simply cannot match. Quite a bit of this personal touch does revolve around remaining attentive to each and every one of your customer’s betting accounts.

Some of the most import ways to provide this higher level of service often times centers on setting the proper betting and credit limits on an account by account basis, monitoring weekly settle alert reports so you always know when to collect and when to pay out and anything else that is important to keeping every one of your customers happy and content. You are definitely going to hear from someone if there is a discrepancy involving a placed bet or a balance in their betting account, but you will not always get feedback on the actual betting options on your board. If something they are looking for is not posted with odds, the average bettor will simply assume that you are not taking action on that sport or sporting event and move their action to another online betting outlet that is.

You never want to run the risk of losing even one of your loyal betting customers to any other betting outlet because your betting board failed to offer something they were looking for. A big part of the customer service that you offer as a private bookie is getting to know exactly what your betting cliental likes to bet on by an account by account basis. Even if you only have one betting customer looking for odds on something other than NFL odds like soccer when it comes to MLS matches or professional golf when it comes to the PGA Tour, it becomes worth your while to keep betting lines posted for every game in every sport every day of the year.

A truly diversified betting board is a profitable betting board when it comes to successfully running and managing your own sportsbook. Even if football accounts for 95 percent of your weekly handle this time of the year, the real opportunity as a private bookie is growing and expanding the numbers in the other five percent of that betting action.