Essential Services of a Pay Per Head Company- Racebooks and Casino Gambling

iStock_000011349748XSmallJust about every major online sportsbook also offers services such as extended access to horse racing, live and virtual casino gambling. In order to successfully compete with these big operations as an independent bookmaker, it is vital that your Pay per Head company that handles the administrative side of running your business is also equipped to offer these services as well.

If you are currently missing the boat on these additional gaming opportunities, you are not only leaving quite a bit of additional profits on the table, you are also giving your customers a reason to shop somewhere else. While the bulk of most of the business that a bookmaker takes in will always gravitate towards the actual wagering on sports, sidelines such as worldwide horse racing and casino gambling continue to grow in popularity year after year. Variety is the spice of life especially in the summer months when the NBA shuts down for the season and the start of a new NFL season is still a number of weeks away. These extra streams of revenue help provide the action that your customer is looking for as well as keep your business solvent until football fires back up in the fall.

When you choose a PPH company that does offer these added value bonuses, be sure to verify that they are utilizing state of the art technology as well as the most up-to-date gaming software on the market today. Innovation in virtual gaming is a way of life in this industry, so your PPH service needs to remain on the cutting edge of this technology to ensure that the online gaming experience not just meets but exceeds the expectations of you customer base. Background music, voices and sound effects all help to contribute to the virtual realism of the PPH’s online product which is a very important aspect of the entire online gaming experience.

When it comes to your PPH’s racebook for extended access to both domestic and foreign race tracks, the key is variety. There is no better way to generate extra sports gambling action for your customer base than to provide them direct access to any number of tracks around the world.

Most horse enthusiasts tend to stick with betting races at just a couple of tracks they are the most familiar with due to certain variables such as track conditions, dedicated jockeys, past results etc., but there is still a group of bettors out there that are constantly looking for something new and different to wager on. It is safe to say that they are already familiar with any of the major stakes races at the more popular race tracks that are located in the US, but what about providing access to tracks in Canada, the UK or anywhere else where a big time stakes race is right around the corner just waiting for post time.

The final piece of the puzzle to extended gambling opportunities through your PPH service is online casino. While their overall popularity may have fallen off over the past few years, there are still enough people out there that enjoy playing online blackjack as well as other games such as slots, and video poker-table tournaments from the convenience of their computers. They also want to do this without having to add anything extra that is not already included in the sports gaming management software that your PPH company currently employs.

The bottom line is that the addition of these gaming options through your pay per head service all work in unison to enhance the bottom line of your income statement. Make sure you take the time to educate yourself in terms of exactly what your PPH service offers in all three of these areas. If it is not -top-of-the-line- and at the very least equal to but preferably better than any comparable online sportsbook, it is time to start shopping for a PPH company that can fulfill this requirement.