Let a PPH Service Take Care of Your Bookie Business

If you’re running your own bookie business, you know it takes a lot of work to be successful. Operating your own sportsbook the old way is a thing of the past though. You should really let a pay per head service take care of you.

The pay per head industry continues to grow as more bookies realize they can grow their business while not having to do many of the menial tasks involved in operating a sportsbook in the old-school manner.


Bookies like yourself can sign up with a PPH service, pay a fee per the number of active players they have, and let the service take care of most of the administrative work involved in running a successful sportsbook.

Here’s what a PPH service can do for you.

A Professional Website

Bettors today are technologically savvy and they want the ability to browse wagers, view lines, and place bets from their mobile device. That means for you the bookie you have to offer your players a website.

If you’re like most bookies, you’re not a web designer. That’s okay because the best pay per head services will take care of that for you. All of your players will have access to the website with their own accounts. They will place bets, deposit money, and withdraw winnings all without you having to do much.

Bookies need to keep up with the competition with a quality website and they must take advantage of expanded betting menus.

Customer Service

One of the greatest features bookies receive from a pay per head company is the customer service. When working with a PPH service, the independent bookie gets the luxury of having a call center working for him behind the scenes.

Any time there is an issue, customers can call, text, email, or chat online with an experienced professional. They will all speak multiple languages including American English. Instead of you fielding calls at all hours of the night, your pay per head provider has a team of people that work for you. They will take calls on your behalf.

They can take care of any and all issues and do so most of the time without even alerting you.

Have you ever asked yourself how to become a bookie?

Your Bookie Business: Make Bigger Profits

Like others in the business, you love sports and you love betting on sports. The bottom line though in the bookie business is to turn a profit. With the assistance of the best pay per head service, you can do exactly that and take your business to a whole new level.

Working with a quality PPH will allow you to offer action on sports from around the world. You’ll offer all sorts of proposition and special bets. As well as have the ability to offer casino games and even a racebook to attract those bettors that love the horses. 

When your pay per head software is handling most of the administrative tasks. With your call center taking care of customer service, you can focus on growing your business. With more players comes more wagers and with more wagers comes the opportunity for higher profits. 

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your PPH service. That’s why you want to partner with one and let them take care of your bookie business.