Marketing Your Bookie Services to Inactive Football Betting Customers

A new season of football brings a brand new opportunity to try and reconnect with any of your past sports betting customers that may have been inactive since last season came to an end. There are quite of few recreational online gamblers that only bet on football as their sport of choice. However, just because they may have bet the games with your bookie service last year does not automatically mean that they will be calling you to set up an online betting account to get in on some of this year’s action in both the college ranks as well as in the NFL.

Sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring or have someone try and log into their old online account is the quickest and easiest way to drive yourself out of the private bookie business. Unless you are completely maxed out with your current group of active players, there is always room to add a few more sports bettors to the fold. The first step in the process is to create a working list of any previous customers that have not used your service in the past few months. This list is going to be your best prospect for growing and expanding your existing sports betting customer base while also adding profitable financial growth to your overall company’s bottom line.

Unless there was an issue or problem that you were not aware of in the past, it is safe to assume that if someone used your bookie services in the past, they would be open to booking football bets with you moving forward. Once you have your list of inactive prospects in place, the next step is to create an effective marketing message that is designed to grab their attention right out of the gate. This marketing piece should include everything that you have to offer when it comes to betting on the games.

Be sure to include all of the betting options on your board from the basics such as straight bets on sides and total lines to exotics such as parlays, if-bets, teasers and any other type of bet you are willing to book. Make sure you include any minimum or maximum limits that may be in place as well as any other rules and regulations you may already have in place for your current active bettors.

You should also include other betting options such as football futures and props. These types of bets continue to grow in popularity and you might find that you will attract a few football bettors that only want to bet on team and player props in conjunction with the games. As a private bookie trying to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook, you need to always try and level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. They go to great lengths this time of the year to attract sports bettors to their online betting services, so you need to offer a betting board that would rival even the biggest online books in the game.

Live in-game betting on football is big business these days and if you are not up to speed with a mobile platform that is capable of offering this type of betting option, you are throwing money out the window. You always need to think of yourself as a full-service independent sports bookmaker that can offer a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail. You have to market the steak with the sizzle when it comes to bringing a few of your inactive customers back into the fold. Once you have fine-tuned your marketing message to the point where it does effectively attract some of your past customers back to your bookie services, it can then be used to go after some brand new sports betting prospects that may have never worked with you in the past.