Modernize Your Operation with RDG Corp and Price Per Head

You may be one of those people who is in the sports betting business and has some customers, if you know what we mean. And maybe you are doing business in the old school way, in which you are communicating by phone by way of your clerks in an office, as they are reading off the lines over and over and risking mistakes.

That may have been a state-of-the-art approach – in the days before the AFL-NFL merger. But the state-of-the-art has shifted, and in a rather dramatic way. Making book is a business that is very much about personal relationships, and that is not likely to change. But what if you were able to come up with a way to spend more time nurturing those relationships and develop some more? That would really help you in the area that really matters – marketing.

Remember this terms – Price Per Head. It may help you may the leap into the 21st Century. And RDG Corp can most definitely help you do that.

So what is Price Per Head, you may ask? Well, fundamentally speaking, it is a way to utilize the sophisticated software of the world’s best online sportsbook to simplify your life as a bookmaker. In point of fact, it transforms you from being a “bookmaker” to an “agent.”

Here is how it works – instead of your customers making calls into an “office” you establish somewhere, they are going to log onto a website that will look very much like a world-class online sportsbook. They will encounter the same interface, see the same odds, and go through the same process to place a bet. In other words, everything on that end is automated, or at least as much as you want it to be. And if you want them to call into a clerk, you can have a full turnkey call center available to handle all of that.

All of the transactions are stored online, in a password-protected area that only you have access to.

In other words, it’s “goodbye office” and “goodbye paper trail.”

Do you know what this means? It means that you have already saved money by reducing overhead, and saved time by eliminating certain administrative tasks that have nothing to do with increasing productivity.

Now you can go out and get all the clients you want, because you have freed yourself up to do so. And you have the capacity to handle virtually an unlimited number of customers.

In effect, you are leasing the greatest software in the world from a top-flight operation that does this as their stock-in-trade, and you don’t have to pull one dime out of you pocket for maintenance or updates. Could anything be better?

PPH is basically a risk-free venture for you. You will pay the software lessor (the online sportsbook that hosts the site) a certain price per week for every customer who uses it. That is where the term “per head” comes from. It makes things easier for everybody.

It really is time to stop with the old-time approach. Contact RDG Corp to move yourself to the next level immediately. Plans start for as low as $5. What in the world are you waiting for?