Pay Per Head Racebook Software Solutions for Triple Crown Profits

The month of May signals the start of the Triple Crown horse racing season with the running of the Kentucky Derby at fabled Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of the month. Two weeks later at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore is the Preakness Stakes as the second leg of this series followed by the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park in early June to round out the final jewel.

Adjusting Money line Odds with Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent bookmaking operation, one of the best things about horse betting is that it is a year-round sport. The best thing about the Triple Crown racing season is that even the casual sports bettor will be looking to get in on all the action for each of the three races.

If you already offer access to horse racing through your own racebook, now is the time to put the proper plans in place to attract some additional betting action for this year’s races. If you do not have horse racing on your current betting board, now is the time to get your racebook up and running. In either scenario, the first step of the process is to work with your current Pay Per Head online betting software provider to get your bookie business up to speed.

While most of the action you take in may be for sports betting, action on horse racing is a great way to build your bottom line with some additional profit. If you are serious about building and growing your bookie business into a full-time, year-round operation that can provide a solid financial return for years to come, you need as many revenue streams as possible. As mentioned, horse betting at any number of tracks across North America alone can generate
additional profit over the entire calendar year. The Triple Crown racing season is the hook that you can use to reel in some horse bettors to your racebook services.

Getting your own racebook up and running in time for the Kentucky Derby is as simple as reaching out to your price per head shop for some help. They already have fast and easy access to the online betting software solutions you need to start booking horse bets. Best of all, there is no extra fee or hidden costs involved. Racebook software is part of the total package and your only cost is the low weekly per head fee you are already paying for your active betting customers.

Positioning yourself as a full-service bookmaker for sports and horse racing will not only pay dividends in the short run, it will allow you to expand the overall reach and scope of your bookmaking business over the long haul. One of your top priorities as an independent bookmaker should be leveling the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks taking action online. Fortunately, working with quality PPH service can go a long way towards accomplishing this goal.

The risk you run by not having a racebook in place for the upcoming Triple Crown racing season is not only lost revenue. You could also start losing some of your regular sports betting customers if they are forced to turn to an alternative betting outlet to wager on these three events. You never want to give even one of your regular bettors a reason to look elsewhere to place a bet on something that was not on your board.

Remember, the betting action does not end with the Triple Crown. Pay Per Head online racebook software solutions can set your customers up with betting access to well over 70 different race tracks in the US and Canada. You can even expand your racebook globally if the need arises.


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