PerHead Review

perheadPerHead is one of the most popular PPH solutions in the industry and they have great software. If you want to use the software (DGS) that other big bookmakers use then PerHead is a great option and their price per head is comparative to other services.

There are also some perks to joining PerHead that most other pay-per-head providers don’t offer to agents. For instance, they’re one of the only services that offer the ability to run your own poker room along with the sportsbook, racebook and casino.

PerHead Price Per Head

  • Prices Start at $10/Head

The cost to use PerHead is $10/head, which is similar to what most PPH shops charge today. The cost of $10/head is only charged on active players on your sheet. If a player is inactive there is no charge. The $10/head gives you access to everything as well.

There isn’t a free trial to test out the software, but PerHead does have demo accounts available that you can view. There are no minimums on the number of active players you need either, so you can get started today with just one player on your sheet.

PerHead Software Review

PerHead is a complete solution for agents wanting to increase business. PerHead will brand the player portal with your logo and if you want you can even have a custom website set-up (Extra Cost), so that your players go to your website to sign-up and bet.

You can offer your clients a sportsbook, racebook, casino and poker room to bet in. All of these features are accessible with one account only. Your players will no longer need to gamble anywhere else, as you?ll have everything under one roof for them.

Any of the features can be disabled or customized to your preference as well. PerHead doesn’t take a percentage of any of your action including in the online casino. Set limits or block certain games for any players you wish at anytime using the software.

The racebook is high quality at PerHead as well and your players are going to love it. There is over 125+ horse racing tracks that your clients can bet on throughout the year. Any bets in the racebook are graded instantly upon the completion of the race.

PerHead has a mobile betting platform for your clients as well, so they’ll never miss a bet they want to make. As an agent you’ll have access to player reports and other information on your mobile device, so you can check up on your business anytime.

The last reason to let PerHead handle your online bookmaking business is because of their incredible headquarters. They have a massive facility with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you never experience any downtime on your website.

  • PerHead Rating – A+

PerHead provides multilingual reps that will help your business grow. Setting up your own offshore gambling website couldn’t be any easier with PerHead and at just $10/head you can’t go wrong. You just have to set-up how to send/receive payments.