Where Are the Profits-for the Gambler or the Bookie?

Let’s face the facts; winning at sports gambling has never been easy and getting rich is next to impossible. Of course we all hear about that one lucky guy who parlayed Brooklyn-Long Island with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers for $5000 and won huge because they found a BLI number at +1400. There are bookies that give these kinds of odds but it’s a rare find and it’s a once in a lifetime hit. Parlays are a lottery ticket and every once in a while, someone hits one. One can dream that’s for sure but it can be a lifetime of dreaming before reality sets in that parlays are probably not a good way to go. The idea of hitting a big parlay is certainly a fun and an exciting thought, but it seldom happens.

Pay Per Head Racebook Software Solutions for Triple Crown Profits

What do players do to make money? They bet single game action and they pretty much stick to it. They handicap each sport and are prepared to back up their losses, especially in baseball. The betting strategies in baseball are varied and vast, there are umpteen ways of betting baseball, finding consistency and a formula that works is the problem.

To be a successful gambler you must set a budget for each sport that you gamble on and stick to it. The bookie services online are not going to remind you to have a budget, they want to beat you and they need you to keep coming back. Honestly, some guys are ok with losing, really, some guys just live for the
action and they can afford to lose or not but they are ok with losing. If they win every once in a while, great, if not, that’s ok as well. Other guys are not ok with losing and they are on a never ending mission of finding ways to beat the odd makers, to beat the bookie.

In this day and age, many gamblers are becoming bookies themselves. They have discovered that it’s easy, it’s affordable and they can get started with a turnkey sportsbook operation in as little as a day. Everyone knows someone that gambles on sports and quite possibly you know many people that
gamble on sports. In order to open a bookie service through a pay per head service all you need is some startup capital to cover your wagering losses and a player or two, or 5000 players!

Operating a pay per head service is a 100% viable option and your clients will love it. Most PPH companies charge around $10 per player and they can set you up with an online casino and race book practically the same day. You simply need a player or two to start and can have an unlimited amount of players. It really is this simple to start up your own gambling operation.

Real Bookie Service – Spotting ‘Steam Moves’ as a Private Bookie

There has never been a better time than now to get rolling as a Bookie. Why not? You have been on the gambling side for a long time, have you become rich doing this? How often do you see a poor bookie? You see the point…

Check out the review sites for great pay per head services and get out of the old and into the new. There really is a lot of money to be made and folks will clamor for your services. If what they say is really true, “the house always wins” then why not be the house?