Grow your Business with a Pay Per Head Service

Benefits of Using Price per Head Service

There are many benefits to you, as the bookie, of using price per head service. There are also many benefits to your customers if you use price per head service. This results in a win-win situation – your customers are happy which results in your business growing and customer retention increasing. This in turn gives you more opportunities to grow your business further. One of the major benefits for you as the bookie of using price per head service is the availability of reports.

What Reports Give the Bookie?

The software that price per head provides is designed to offer the bookie everything he needs to run a successful business. Part of what the bookie needs is an understanding of his how his business is performing and his customers are behaving in terms of betting activity. Reports that are generated by the software provided by price per head service provide useful information that the bookie can use to improve his business. There are different types of reports that are available. You can focus on the reports that list winners and losers over a set period of time, you can focus on reports on what players bet and the line they bet or you can choose from other useful reports. You are able to adjust the data in the reports to view and sort the reports in such a way that the data will be more accessible or more useful to you, as the bookie. Reports also provide information to the bookie on what each customer won or lost so that he can simply and clearly see what he needs to pay or collect to the pay per head service.

How Price per Head Reports Can Help your Business?

The information that is included in reports from price per head service includes details of each individual customer’s account. The aim of these reports is to help the bookie manage wagering and also to keep on top of the statistics of wins and losses. This has multiple purposes. Firstly, it means that at the end of any given period the bookie will be able to pull a report to see what he needs to pay or collect on each customer depending on his wins or losses. This simplifies the financial aspect of the business and helps you to keep on top of your expenses and income. In addition, by simply and clearly being able to view each customer’s wagering history and wins and losses, you can glean information on what your customers are looking for and what is successful in your business. You can then see this information to develop and grow your business. By having an inside look at your customer’s betting activity, you will be in a position to perform certain tasks to control the bets that are placed. You will be able to provide an enhanced service to your customers which will in turn increase loyalty and customer retention, thus building your business.

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