Smart Bookies Use Two or Three Providers

The sports betting industry is a crowded, cutthroat world where bookies are looking for action wherever they can get it. Since talk of betting on sports has become mainstream throughout all media outlets, especially after New Jersey’s Supreme Court win, even more people are wagering on sports. With this increase in traffic, unless online sportsbook and pay per head sites  dedicate a significant budget for technology, sports betting gaming software cannot keep up. For this reason, smart bookies use two or three providers.

Sportsbook software failure is not a common occurrence, but when it does happen, it can be a near catastrophic incident. The first thing I will say here is, as someone that takes bets, you need to choose the right Pay Per Head service. You need to use shops that have been around for at least 10 years, and have a strong reputation for their software technology and customer service.

From the inside, today’s top sports bookie software solutions are extremely convoluted, however, with modern technological improvements, they offer an easy to use application for the user. A lot of perhead shops will offer the same services, but you must make reliability and security your top priorities.


Becoming a Bookie has never Been Easier

You have to remember when your Pay Per Head site is down, so is your bookie business. You know the backlash you are going to get from your players if they can’t get their bet in. Your customers don’t care why your site is down, they only care about getting their bet in on time and have a safe and secure place to wager.

This is where using two or three bookie providers will make you a smarter bookie, putting you ahead of the curve in the local bookie business. If something does happen to your gaming software, your players have a user and password for another site or you can move them on the fly. By having this backup provides you insurance that you will never miss a bet, eliminating negative reviews from customers.

Better business practices like this will not go unnoticed by your customers or your competition. There is nothing to lose by using a few PPH shops. You pay only for players that bet in a given week, making it easy to sign up and make an initial deposit to have in your back pocket in case your main PPH has an unforeseen issue.


Bookie Talk – Get in the Game With a PPH Service

The benefits to having multiple Pay Per Head services do not end there either. What is one tip most winning bettors will give? Make sure you shop for lines. By having two or three Pay Per Head shops, you will give your customers line options without taking their business to another bookie.

Doing this will not only show your commitment to giving your players options, but will also go a long way to providing your customers a safe and secure place to bet with fair play in mind. Like I said earlier, in a business like the online gambling world, these things do not go unnoticed and will only give potential customers more confidence to bet with you.


Smart Bookies Use Multiple Pay Per Head Providers

After reading this, I hope you have a better feeling why smart bookies use two or three providers. It is great insurance if something was to happen to your provider’s software and gives your customers even more options, not having to go elsewhere to shop lines. Look into adding a couple quality Pay Per Head shops to your menu, hopefully you never have to use it, but when you do, you will be happy you made the decision.