Starting Your Own PPH Sportsbook

Read this if you are thinking of starting your own PPH sportsbook.

Key Points

– Using a pay per head service is the easiest way to start your own sportsbook.

– PPH services offer everything a bookie needs to run his own sportsbook.

Start Your Own PPH Sportsbook

To create your own PPH sportsbook, all you need is some money for a beginning investment and a notebook. However, in order to guarantee your PPH sportsbook will be successful, you should consider adding a reputable pay per head bookie service provider. 

You can run an automated bookie business with the help of a quality PPH service that is considered to be “the best of the best.” These services provide you with a complete and turnkey system to run your business.

Bookie services like Real Bookies, A1 Price Per Head, and 247 PPH are a few examples of the pay-per-head bookie companies that RDG Corp. represents. In addtion, the online gaming company has offered trustworthy and secure services to its customers. 

RDG Corp. has “walked the walk” in turnkey sportsbook solutions thanks to their  25 years-plus of industry experience.


Bets Placed at a PPH Sportsbook

When combined with high-quality pay-per-head bookie software solutions, the addition of an online sportsbook presents a relatively low level of risk. The pay per head provider is going to be in charge of all of the internal operations. This includes things like processing online transitions, securing database files, and providing individual accounts in a timely manner.

Professionals working within your company who specialize in sports betting help to expand your customer base. The gaming IT staff collaborates with you to develop an online professional presence. The knowledgeable customer service team contributes to the completion of the services that you offer.

Customer service is available around the clock, seven days a week. Players are able to call in at any time and get their issue resolved quickly. Additionally, gone are the days when bookies answered the phones at all hours of the day. The customer service piece of the pay per head puzzle saves the modern bookie incredible amounts of time.

Your personal bookmaking enterprise provides both the products and the services that are necessary to establish you as an expert in the field. You will be able to provide a comprehensive betting platform for sports if you collaborate with an established and reputable PPH service.

Attractions Available Via Online Gaming

Your sportsbook operation could benefit from adding an online racebook to its offerings. The leading provider of PPH sportsbook solutions runs the turnkey platform and adds the DGS software to your operation. This enables access to all of the major horse racing tracks in the United States and Canada. Additionally, bettors also get access to tracks in international hotspots in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Dubai.

Because of your collaboration with the pay-per-head service provider, your customers will have access to trackside betting odds. You will profit from the daily action, regardless of what your bettors do. They can place multiple wagers including exotic bets. You benefit from them all.

Basically, access to online casino games is available if the turnkey platform is also being utilized. Slot machines and virtual table games in the style of Las Vegas are made available based on a Java format that loads quickly. In addition, Blackjack and roulette are among the live table games that are broadcast live from a studio featuring streaming technology.

Intangible Benefits of Quality Pay-Per-Head Bookmaker Sites

The best online PPH sportsbooks provide excellent customer service, competitive betting odds, and expert knowledge of gaming software. The experience and expertise of everyone on the in-house staff is a bonus. From owners all the way down to the customer service team, bookies benefit from working with quality pay per head software providers like RDG Corp.

The intangible qualities of the best PPH bookie services complement the tangible aspects of the online products, resulting in an unbeatable combination.

Why Choose the Best PPH Sportsbook Service

PPH sportsbook services like RDG Corp. know what is necessary and have the experience in building gaming businesses. The company began in 1996. It has long been dedicated to providing the most reliable and best services for the offshore gaming industry.

Because they have years of experience in the industry, RDG Corp. continues to provide a reliable service for the aspiring bookmaker. Complete, turnkey solutions are available for sportsbooks, racebooks, casinos, and all pay per head bookie needs. 

Custom websites, site maintenance, risk management, and much more are just a few of the services that RDG Corp. professionals are able to help bookies with. If you plan on starting your own sportsbook, be sure to partner with one of the best and most trusted names in the industry.