Enjoy the Super Bowl Parties For Once

Off the hook describes both the action of the game and the action that you want to take to your phone.  All season long, your hard work culminates in the ultimate profit procuring venture.  Super Bowl XLIV is almost upon us.  There is still time to book travel plans or ice away the party you

Bracing for Mayweather vs Pacquiao on May 2nd

May 2nd is akin to Christmas in July as the highly anticipated Mayweather and Pacquiao bout has cleared all the major hurdles.  With Manny willing to take a reduced cut (60/40), the fighters finally agreed to hold this extravaganza on Cinco De Mayo Weekend.  This is the shot in the arm that the sport needs

Ease of Voiding Wagers Such As UFC 182 Jones Cormier

A blizzard of paper slips and headaches await the bookie when controversy follows highly wagered events.  Whether it was Green Bay or Seattle or the recent Jon Jones – Daniel Cormier main event,  the decision on what to do lies in your corner.  Loyal customers are crying foul over the UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission’s

Shattering the Ceiling of Your Handle

The same old clients making their routine wagers.  Yes there is profit in this but you feel limited.  There is a ceiling that is hindering your progress and profit from going upward.  How would one break through this wall to reach the desired heights?  With a pay per head in your corner, options become available

Free Your College Time and Still Book Bets

Go where the money is has been a tried and true adage for centuries. People would have to relocate sometimes at great distances to make their livings and expand their financial horizons. With the Internet shrinking the world to manageable means, the business person can essentially hold court in their own home or wherever else

Late Night Mumbles and Fumbles Are No More with 247PPh.com

Advances in technology are supposed to make lives easier not harder. Remember when are there was were betting slips and direct land line phone calls. The footwork was brutal and if you were not there to pick up the phone, often you would be out of luck and miss your favorite client. Now with instant