Enjoy the Super Bowl Parties For Once

Off the hook describes both the action of the game and the action that you want to take to your phone.  All season long, your hard work culminates in the ultimate profit procuring venture.  Super Bowl XLIV is almost upon us.  There is still time to book travel plans or ice away the party you

The Per Head Review

The Per Head is an industry veteran with lots of experience running offshore bookmakers and providing PPH services to online and local bookmakers around the world. They have a personal touch that most PPH companies don’t offer to their agents. You can rest in peace that your clients are happy and being taken care of

Pay Per Head Costa Rica Review

Pay Per Head Costa Rica has been in the PPH industry for 10+ years and has great relationships with their agents. They go as far as offering trips to their top agents to Costa Rica where you can visit their offices and go out to explore the country with locals. The company hires Americans to

Bookie Per Head Review

Bookie Per Head is new in the industry, but they have a lot of great features that other competitors don’t excel at. The price per head is less than most competitors and they have any feature that you could want including mobile phone betting and more. The servers are hosted in Costa Rica, which limits

Agent Per Head Review

Agent Per Head is a reliable pay-per-head service that has been in the industry a long time. They have built a great team and they can help you with everything including customer service, web design, server technicians and much more for a low weekly fee. The benefits of using a PPH service such as Agent

Pay Per Head Bookie Review

The Pay Per Head Bookie website looks outdated, but don’t that fool you about their PPH software. You can view images of the software on their site and see that the software looks modern and has the same capabilities as other PPH software suites. Pay Per Head Bookie is used by agents around the world

Discount Pay Per Head Review

Discount Pay Per Head is a great service for local and online bookmakers that want to take their business to the next level. You’ll need to have an online presence in today’s industry to be relevant. Let Discount Pay Per Head grow your business today. The team at Discount Pay Per Head has a lot

Price Per Head 247 Review

Price Per Head 24/7 is relatively new to the online pay-per-head game, but they have experienced managers that can assist you in growing your business. You can start using the service with a free trial and you don’t need a minimum number of bettors. You can start using the software and PPH service at Price

Price Per Head Services Review

Price Per Head Services is a reputable pay-per-head service that can help grow your business although they don’t have some of the features that the bigger companies have. For instance, Price Per Head Services hasn’t developed a mobile platform yet. Do you already run a sportsbook or want to start one? With Price Per Head

7PPH Review

7PPH is a great pay-per-head provider if you require multilingual support for your clients. 7PPH knows that most online bookies require multilingual support nowadays and that’s why they have support in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. The 7PPH software is also translated into the languages mentioned above, which means your clients can wager in the