Build Your Summer Racebook Action Around the Belmont Stakes

Saturday, June 10 offers a huge card of horse racing action at Belmont Park in New York highlighted by the final leg of this year’s Triple Crown racing season for three-year old thoroughbreds with the running of the $1.5 million Belmont Stakes. The elusive Triple Crown title is no longer up for grabs with a

Spotting ‘Steam Moves’ as a Private Bookie

By Dave Schwab Running and managing your own sportsbook can be a very lucrative business opportunity and with some hard work and dedication you can build a very successful operation that can provide year-round profits on a long-term basis. One of the most important ways to build a successful private bookie business is to always

Fast and Sharp Betting Lines for Your Bookie Business

By Dave Schwab Betting lines are the lifeblood of any independent sports bookmaker and to make the most of all the sports betting opportunities on any given day you need to get your lines fast and sharp to keep pace with all the big offshore sportsbooks out there going to great lengths to attract sports

Ease of Voiding Wagers Such As UFC 182 Jones Cormier

A blizzard of paper slips and headaches await the bookie when controversy follows highly wagered events.  Whether it was Green Bay or Seattle or the recent Jon Jones – Daniel Cormier main event,  the decision on what to do lies in your corner.  Loyal customers are crying foul over the UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission’s

Free Your College Time and Still Book Bets

Go where the money is has been a tried and true adage for centuries. People would have to relocate sometimes at great distances to make their livings and expand their financial horizons. With the Internet shrinking the world to manageable means, the business person can essentially hold court in their own home or wherever else

Stale Should Not Be for Your Pastry Nor the Lines You Offer Your Bettors

Few things take away from your enjoyment that something that is stale. Good cups of coffee have had premature deaths because their patrons bit into a scone past its due date. Staleness is also present in the sports where bookies make their most profit. There is a segment of your client base that will unmercifully pound