Using Sub Agents to Build Your Private Bookie Business

There are any number of business models that can be used to be highly successful as an independent sports bookmaker these days given the overall growth and popularity of Internet sports betting. You can always go it alone by building your player base with profitable action. This is a time-tested method of generating a very lucrative return on investment; however it also entails a much more hands-on approach to successfully running and managing your own sportsbook.

One business model for private bookies looking to expand their overall operation is through the use of Sub Agents. These are basically other private bookies that are more interested in generating additional action as opposed to taking on the full risk of running their own independent sportsbook. Their primary role in your bookie business would be to provide that high level of customer service and attention to detail that many of today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for. This is your primary edge against the big, faceless offshore sportsbooks that simply cannot match this hands-on approach to online sports betting. Your Sub Agents become the face of the operation, which in turn, frees up your time to grow and expand your business by building an entire network based on this two-tiered approach.

A great starting point for building a Sub Agent network could be with some of your actual players. It stands to reason that if someone loves to bet on sports, they may in fact love the idea of working with other avid sports bettors. If you already have experience with someone as one of your players, this should provide an inside edge when it comes to finding a reliable candidate to act as a Sub Agent on your behalf. Word of mouth referrals are another great way to find some interested parties as Sub Agents. The more you know about someone up front, the better chance you have finding a good fit for your bookie operation right from the start.

There is really no limit when it comes to how many Sub Agents to have in your overall network. More is not necessarily better since it would only take a few hungry bookies to rapidly expand the reach and scope of your independent bookmaking business. You want to make sure that you have the right operating system in place as well as the right sportsbook management software solutions. You need a bookie software package that caters to the Master Agent-Sub Agent business model.

Building a very high level of control into your business should be a top priority and you need to have the right business analytics at your fingertips to always stay way out in front of all the daily betting action coming in. Most of the top bookie software providers in the online gambling industry have the right business tools in place to get the job done, but it is still up to you as the Master Agent to make sure you have the data you need to create that high level of daily, weekly and monthly control.

You also need to have the proper cash flow and overall financial resources in place to accommodate a network of Sub Agents. The added burden negative exposure as well as available cash for payouts and commissions completely falls on your shoulders as the Master Agent. You not only have to be completely ready to assume that role, you actually have to relish the idea of adding that much additional responsibility to your plate. There is no doubt that you can make some serious profits with a Master Agent-Sub Agent arrangement, but you also have to be ready to take your bookie business to a whole new level to make it successful.