What Are the Best Pay Per Head Services

The best pay per head services will be there for every bookmaker.

Key Points

– Pay per head services have made it possible for anyone to operate their own sportsbook.

– There are a number of features to look at when considering the best pay per head services.

Sports betting continues to gain in popularity and, as a result, the number of sportsbooks is on the rise. 

Best Pay Per Head Services

For most of the past decade, more pay per head services have popped up offering the ability to anyone to start their very own sportsbook. 

Just like any other industry, there are reputable pay per head services and there are some that are not so reputable. There are some that cater to certain clientele.

It’s important for prospective bookies to do their homework and find the best pay per head service for his situation. 

What are the best pay per head services in the industry?

What Is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head – also called price per head – companies provide sportsbook software that essentially automates the entire operation of a sportsbook. It is a turnkey system that bookmakers can put into place very quickly and be operating a sportsbook in a relatively short period of time.

Take Premier Per Head as an example. With a long history of taking care of the details, Premier Per Head offers bookies a plug-and-play solution to get a sportsbook up and running quickly. 

Pay per head (PPH) services offer a variety of features and it is these features that bookies must check out before deciding on a provider.

One key feature at the best price per head shops are in-depth analysis reports. With these reports you’ll know everything that your clients do good and bad. With this information, you run this info through a risk assessment program. This info will help your bottomline, limiting losses.

Betting Options Are a Must

If you love sports and love betting on sports, you might want to operate your own sportsbook. As a bettor, you understand that having multiple options is a must-have.

Players need to be able to log into their betting account and find action on the things they are searching for. A PPH service that doesn’t have a complete, full betting board is not one that will help maximize a bookie’s profits.

Website, App, Mobile Friendly at Best Pay Per Head Services

Most sports betting today is done online. Most bettors access their betting accounts using a smart device. That means as a bookie you need a sportsbook that has a mobile friendly website and/or app. These turnkey sportsbook solutions are a bookie’s dream.

Any price per head service worth anything has a team of professionals that will design a first-class website. It will be eye-catching as well as easy to use and fully functional. The best part is that the bookie doesn’t have to do any work on it. 

The mobile friendly website is the key to a bookie’s entire operation. It’s where all players do their betting business. Choose PPH services that have extremely small downtimes. You need to be online almost 100 percent of the time.

Infrastructure & Security

In addition to the website, bookies need a service that is experienced and reputable as far as customer security and privacy. Personal information as well as financial information is kept secure at all times. 

Customer data is backed up continuously so that all information remains safe and secure. A pay per head worth anything, like 247pph as an example, scores highly in all of these areas.

Customer Service

247pph and Premier Per Head also score among the best in customer service. The greatest benefit of partnering with a quality price per head service is the amount of time that is freed up. 

No longer do bookies have to play customer service agent. When working with the best pay per head services, all calls, texts, and emails are taken care of by a fully staffed, professional customer service team.

When a player calls in for any reason, an experienced member of the customer service team is always available to handle anything. This feature is available 24 hours a day, every day and agents can handle everything from technology problems to taking bets.

Be Aware of Costs

Bookies pay for their PPH services on a per head, or per player, basis. The industry standard is around $10 per active player. You can find these rates at Premier Per Head.

If a bookie had 10 active players in a given week, he would pay $10 per 10 players for a total of $100. A player must place at least one bet in a week to be considered active.

Knowing this industry standard, be wary of services that charge less than $10 per head. That doesn’t mean those services are necessarily poor. There are some great pay per head options at $7 per head.

However, a service charging $3 head might be a stretch. Remember the phrase “you get what you pay for”? That certainly applies in the PPH industry.

Free Trials Offered By the Best Pay Per Head Services

To find the best pay per head service for your situation, ask for a free trial. Most PPH companies offer some sort of trial so that bookies can get used to the product and see if there is a fit.

Depending upon the company, the trial might last anywhere from two to four weeks. Bookies can get a real feel for how everything works and then make a final decision.