What Is a Pay Per Head?

If you are a bookie and do not yet know about pay per head providers, you need to learn and fast. The old-school pen-and-paper bookie is a thing of the past. Using a pay per head provider can grow your sportsbook by leaps and bounds in no time.


Here’s how it all works.

Pay Per Head Defined

As the name implies, bookies pay a service on a per head , or per player, basis for a number of different items. Bookies get a modern website that offers players thousands of daily betting options. All of the technical and administrative aspects of running a sportsbook are taken over by the pay per head service.

Hit the Easy Button

When a bookie signs up with a pay per head provider, they will almost instantly make their life easier. PPH services take care of most every aspect of running a successful sportsbook. First, bookies are set up with a website where players can log in and look at betting lines and place wagers. Since most players these days use mobile devices, websites are mobile-ready.

Pay per head services also provide software that takes care of all deposits and payments. Bookies also receive a fully staffed customer service call center which can be used by the bookie and players.

Old-school bookies would constantly be taking phone calls from their bettors whether to place a bet or to take care of an issue. When a bookie partners with a pay per head service, all of those phone calls, texts, or emails are taken care of for the bookie. Top services are turnkey sportsbook solutions to get you started TODAY!

The result is a bookie with much more time on his hands. Without all of the administrative tasks to worry about, a bookie can do the one thing that can increase his bottom line – focus on growth.

Bookies can focus on using incentives to get their current bettors to bet more often or place higher wagers. At the same time, bookies can also go out and seek new bettors to grow their player sheet. Both, of course, can grow a bookie’s bottom line profits.

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Pay Per Head Fees

Bookies using a pay per head service will pay a fee each week for all active players. If you have 15 players and 10 placed wagers this week, you would pay only for those 10 active players. 

The industry standard is $10 per head. You will find some that charge a higher fee per head and others that will charge less than $10. Most PPH companies offer various packages depending upon the number of players. Many will also work with you to develop a custom package.

Most pay per head services will also let you try their service for free for a few weeks. Most are confident in their service and will allow you to experience it before buying. Always take advantage of a free trial to find the PPH provider that suits you best.

If you haven’t yet signed up with a pay per head, do it now. It will transform your sportsbook and your bank account.